English Plusのレッスンから学ぶ「hit the」に続く英語表現を学んで実際に使ってみよう(英語編)

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毎週火曜日~土曜日、English Plusの通常レッスン(大人90分、キッズ60分)にお入りいただける体験レッスンを随時実施しております。
レッスン実施日時等の詳細はEnglish Plusのお問合せページよりお気軽にお問合せください。最高な英語教育サービスを提供します。

Today, let's learn some English expressions from English Plus' lessons.
During English Plus' lessons, our students usually have a chance to talk about a wide variety of topics.
In our recent conversation lesson, one of the expressions our students used was "hit the..."
There are some English expressions with "hit the...", and today, let's learn some of them.
For instance:
・hit the road (= go out 出かける)
・hit the gym (= go to exercise ジムに行く)
・hit the bar (= go for a drink 飲みに行く)
・hit the hay (= go to bed 寝る)
・hit the roof (= get angry 怒る)
You might hear or use the expressions above during conversation sometime in the future, so let's get prepared for such an opportunity from now by doing some kind of training, such as read-out-loud training.
By the way, at English Plus, we offer a wide variety of lessons.
If you want to speak English a lot, we recommend our "Power-Up Conversation" lessons.
This is especially good for those who would like to improve communication skills.
For more information about English Plus lessons, click English Plus Official Website.

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今日の英語でのひとこと:"Let's study and practice English little by little every day!"

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・小学3年生からのフォニックスおよび基礎英語力を身につけていく「小学生向けキッズ基礎英語コース(Kids English)」


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