TOEICテスト対策勉強から学ぶ使える英単語 ~ 公式TOEIC問題集5から出てきた間違えやすい"OB"を表す英単語(英語編)

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Today, let's learn some English vocabulary from Official TOEIC Listening & Reading workbook vol.5.
TOEIC exam is one of major English exams in Japan, and there are a lot of people who take the test every time.
Some of our students at English Plus take this test regularly, and I think it's a nice idea because taking some kind of English exam is good to check our English ability objectively.
So, we recommend all of our students take some kinds of English exam every year.
Also, I recommend taking English tests to not only our students but also our staff members.
I'm also preparing for taking some English exams, and one of the workbooks I'm working on has a vocabulary word which I'd like to introduce today.
The workbook is "Official TOEIC Listening & Reading workbook vol.5" and I found a good word "Alumni."
In Japan, "OB (Old Boy)", which is Japanese-English, is often used instead of "Alumni."
"Alumni" is a plural form of "Alumnus."
"OG (Old Girl)", which is Japanese-English, is also often used instead of "Alumnae."
"Alumnae" is a plural form of "Alumna."
When you talk about "OB" or "OG", let's try not to make mistakes.
At English Plus, TOEIC lessons are currently available on Saturday afternoon.
For more information about English Plus, please check out English Plus' Official Website.

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今日の英語での一言:"Try TOEIC test regularly!"

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