English Plusのレッスンから学ぶ「自然災害」についての英語を学ぼう(英語編)

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10月は新入生対象の「8周年記念10月限定キャンペーン」を実施中です。10月中に新たにレッスンのお申込み・お支払を完了された方(どのコース・期間でも可)を対象に2つの特典をプレゼント!詳細はEnglish Plusの公式ホームページをご覧いただき、ご質問はお気軽にお問合せください。

Today, let's learn some English vocabulary from English Plus' lessons.
During English Plus' lessons, our students usually have a chance to talk about a wide variety of topics.
In the lesson, they talk about a topic, and one of the topics they talked about recently was about natural disaster.
Japan is an island country and because of its unique geography, it is prone to a variety of natural problems, such as earthquakes and typhoons.
This is a common small talk topic that our students often talk about during lessons.
In order to enjoy having a good conversation naturally and freely, in addition to basic English knowledge of grammar, vocabulary is important.
So, today let's learn some English vocabulary about natural disaster.
Now, let's check the vocabulary below.
・地震 = earthquake
・津波 = tsunami
・地盤沈下 = land subsidence
・液状化現象 = liquefaction phenomenon
・噴火 = eruption
・土石流 = debris flow
To master vocabulary, you should...
・Read out loud
・Check the spelling carefully
There are some other vocabulary words about natural disaster, so if you are interested, please check out by yourself.
You might use the vocabulary above during conversation sometime in the future, so let's get prepared for such an opportunity from now.
At English Plus, we offer a wide variety of lessons.
If you want to speak English a lot, we recommend our "Power-Up Conversation" lessons.
This is especially good for those who would like to improve communication skills.
For more information about English Plus lessons, click English Plus Official Website.

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