Skill-Up Conversation(基礎英会話)レッスンで2019年9月の英語力チェックテスト実施しました(英語編)

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< English Plus 9月限定~もうすぐ8周年キャンペーンのお知らせ >
1.English Plus内で使えるクーポン
2.English Plusのオリジナル自己学習ファイル
当キャンペーンの適用には、9月28日までのお申込とお支払いが条件となりますので、入学をご検討中の方は English Plusのお問合せページよりお気軽にご相談ください。

Today, I'd like to write about Skill-Up Conversation course's level check exam in September.
Currently at English Plus, there are several English courses available, and one of them is "Skill-Up Conversation" course, which is good for those who would like to learn basic English and communicate in English with confidence.
This skill-up conversation course is 6-month and the students learn and practice some basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to communicate more smoothly in English.
Each Skill-Up Conversation lesson is 90-minute and focusing on 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), so there is enough time to learn and practice English.
There are 6 different levels available and after completing each level, students need to take a level check exam in order to see if they understand and use what they've learned for 6 months.
The students, who take this Skill-Up Conv course, usually take level check exam every March and September.
The test consists of four skills - reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
We just finished this level check test last week, and we've checked each student's progress.
From now on, we'll give each student feedback of the test.
We give each student some advice on what kind of study they should try from now in order to improve their English skills more effectively.
We'll continue checking our students' English skills regularly and helping their improvement constantly.
From October 1st, autumn season of this skill-up course starts, and if you are interested in learning basic English skills, this course might be good for you.
About English Plus' lessons, please check out English Plus Official Website.

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