English Plus 2019年9月のEnglish Only Weekのお知らせ(英語編)

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< English Plus 9月限定~もうすぐ8周年キャンペーンのお知らせ >
1.English Plus内で使えるクーポン
2.English Plusのオリジナル自己学習ファイル
当キャンペーンの適用には、9月28日までのお申込とお支払いが条件となりますので、入学をご検討中の方は English Plusのお問合せページよりお気軽にご相談ください。

Today, let's practice some English phrases for English only week at English Plus.
At English Plus, we hold "English Only Week" every once a month.
During this week, all of our students must speak only English during lessons.
The next term is from next Tuesday to Saturday, September 24th - September 28th.
If they speak Japanese, there is a penalty waiting for them.
So, today I'd like to introduce some English phrases that might be useful during English Only Week.
For instance...
・ゆっくり話してもらえますか? = Could you speak slowly?
・それを説明してもらえますか? = Could you explain that?
Let's try only English next week!
At English Plus, you can enjoy learning English, and if you have any questions, please ask from English Plus website.

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今日の英語でのひとこと:"Try hard!"

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