English Plus(英語学校)2019年9月のアクティビティ ~ Darts Saturdayを開催しました(英語編)

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Today, I'd like to report English Plus' most recent school activity in September 2019.
Last Saturday, September 7th, we held English Plus' school activity "Darts Saturday."
"Darts Saturday" is mainly for our students to have more opportunities to communicate in English outside the classroom.
In this activity, the participants have a lot of time to enjoy communicating in English through playing darts.
This time, we went to a darts bar "Figaro Harajuku H-14".
During the activity, we were able to enjoy playing darts, drinking, eating, and communicating in English thanks to all the participants and the staff at Figaro Harajuku H-14.
Also, through the activity, we were able to see some students' good parts.
After the activity, we were able to hear some positive comments about this activity, and we were sure that it has become another successful activity.
We're going to hold more fun activities in the near future, and if you are our students and interested in some activities, please join us next time.
Also, if you are a student at English Plus and have any activity ideas, always welcome to tell us your idea!
About English Plus, please check out English Plus' Official Website.

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