English Plusのレッスンから学ぶ「力」に関する英単語(英語編)

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Today, let's learn some English vocabulary from English Plus' lessons.
During English Plus' lessons, our students talk about a wide variety of topics.
When they talk about several topics freely, it's necessary to know about vocabulary.
Just memorizing vocabulary randomly could be tedious job, so today let's learn some vocabulary with some common keywords.
Today's vocabulary is the words which we sometimes use when we talk about our daily life.
These words contain "ryoku(力)" in Japanese.
They are basically science words, and today let's translate the Japanese into English.
1. Zyu-ryoku 重力
2. Enshin-ryoku 遠心力
3. Hyomen-choryoku 表面張力
4. Banyu-inryoku 万有引力
You might use the vocabulary above during conversation sometime in the future, so let's get prepared for such an opportunity from now.
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今日の答え:"1. gravity / 2. centrifugal force / 3. surface tension / 4. universal gravitation"

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