English Plus 2018年6月のEnglish Only Weekのお知らせ(英語編)

Good morning and I really appreciate your visit to English Plus blog!
Today, let's practice some English phrases for English only week at English Plus.
From next Tuesday to Saturday, June 26th - 30th, we're holding an "English Only Week" at our English school.
During this whole week, all of our students must speak only English at our school area.
If they speak Japanese, there is a special penalty waiting for them.
Today I'd like to introduce some English phrases that might be useful during English Only Week.
For instance...
・ え~と = Let me see. 
・「…」のスペルはどうやって書きますか? = How do you spell "..."?
Let's try only English next week!
At English Plus, you can enjoy learning English, and for more information, please check out English Plus Official Website.

今日の英語でのひとこと:"Let's try only in English next week!" 

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