English Plusのレッスンから学ぶ英語のトリビア「2018ワールドカップの参加国」の英単語(英語編)

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Today, let's learn some English vocabulary that we recently talked about during lessons at English Plus.
Last Thursday, June 14th, the 2018 FIFA world cup started.
As you probably know, it's an international football tournament that is held in Russia until July 15th.
In our lessons, we sometimes talk about the world cup.
Actually, there are 32 national teams involved in the world cup.
Some of the countries are difficult to talk about in English because their country names are different in English and Japanese, such as "Germany."
So, today, let's learn some English vocabulary about countries which are participating in the world cup now.
Group A
エジプト = Egypt
ロシア = Russia
サウジ = Saudi Arabia
ウルグアイ = Uruguay
Group B
イラン = Iran
モロッコ = Morocco
ポルトガル = Portugal
スペイン = Spain
Group C
オーストラリア = Australia
デンマーク = Denmark
フランス = France
ペルー = Peru
Group D
アルゼンチン = Argentina
クロアチア = Croatia
アイスランド = Iceland
ナイジェリア = Nigeria
Until this world cup ends, you might have a chance to talk about soccer.
Now, let's learn each country correctly, and use what you've learned here in your real life.
Let's learn and improve English every day!

今日の英語でのひとこと:"NOT Argentine but Argentina!"

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