TOEICテストの点数のみでなく、実際に使える英語の実力をつけていくEnglish Plus90分TOEICレッスンを改良しました(英語編)

Good morning and I appreciate your visit to English Plus blog!
Today, I'd like to introduce our new TOEIC exam course.
At English Plus, we have several courses available and one of them is TOEIC test preparation course, which is 90-min a lesson.
In this course, we focus on listening and reading part.
In the listening lessons, our students learn each part (Part 1~4) weekly and try a variety of training in order to acquire good listening skills.
The aim of our listening lessons is for our students to get good TOEIC score in the listening section as well as to have good listening skills, which can be used in real communication situations.
In the reading lessons, they learn some basic grammar points, check their reading speed, learn and try some effective reading technique and so on in order to get good TOEIC score in the reading section.
Even though the main purpose of our reading lessons is to get a good score, we care about our students' future.
We think about after they get good TOEIC score, so our reading lessons include learning some basic English and our students can be use it in business situations.
Through English Plus' lessons, we hope that our students can not only choose correct answers in the TOEIC but also have practical English skills.
Therefore, in our TOEIC course, we do some English training for our students to improve "Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing" to get well-balanced English skills.
For our students' improvement, we're using English Plus' original TOEIC textbooks.
We constantly review and change the contents of them.
Though we check them constantly, we just finished making a major improvement last month.
Because of this improvement, our students can challenge more questions in the lesson, try self-study easily, and so on.
We'll continue providing practical English lessons and supporting to help our students improve their English skills from now on too.
If you are into our TOEIC lessons, please ask us by e-mail or on the phone.
For more information about English Plus lessons, click English Plus Official Website.

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