English Plus 留学サポート「夏のカナダ留学」のすすめ(英語編)

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Today, I'd like to write about English Plus' study abroad support.
At English Plus, in addition to English school, we offer study abroad support service.
Currently, we recommend some ESL schools in Canada, such as in Vancouver, Toronto, Whistler, Calgary, PEI, and so on.
We can recommend these schools because we've visited almost all of them and talked with their school owners, managers, or Japanese counselors.
We've checked the schools, their neighborhoods, teachers, staff and so on.
The schools we can recommend are located in safe area, and the schools' atmosphere is very friendly.
Needless to say, each school is serious about helping students to improve their students' English skills.
Here are the schools we recommend at English Plus:
・VGC (in Vancouver)
・Tamwood (in Vancouver, Whistler, Toronto)
・SGIC (in Vancouver, Toronto)
・Omnicom (in Toronto, Calgary)
・Aston (in Toronto)
・ELT (in Toronto)
・Study Abroad Canada (in PEI)
The length of studying depends on a school, so you can study for a short or long period of time. (Minimum 1 week)
Currently we are promoting "study abroad in summer."
In almost all of the cities across Canada, you can enjoy summer time!
You can use your summer vacation, and enjoy learning English in Canada.
We really hope that the students, who use our service, will enjoy studying English and experience a lot of things.
For more information about the schools, please visit English Plus' official website.

今日の英語での一言:"Let's try study abroad this summer!"

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